“The Lenox Street film evokes a deeper humanity…” Boston Globe
THECREW’s film group is a diverse collective of media artists, including directors, producers, shooters, editors and post production experts committed to utilizing the highest standards of documentary filmmaking to tell important stories from all corners of American culture. We always seek to advance equity, inclusion and justice.
To date, has generated four films, all of which have been shown extensively in film festivals, in parks in underserved neighborhoods and in theaters. Our films are also used extensively in schools and workshops to stimulate audience discussions that lead to understanding and unity.
Lenox Street
Lenox Street follows the lives of 19 teenagers from one of Boston’s most violent neighborhood with 39 major school infractions as they enter a three-month performing arts workshop and then go on stage around the city. The film looks at the power of the expressive arts to transform teenagers, particularly teens who are struggling with their identities and place in the world. Lenox Street premiered in the GlobeDocs Film Festival in the fall of 2017 and continues to gain strong critical reviews.
Global Shorts Winner 2018
Official Selection 2018 - Newport Beach Film FestivalGlobedocs - film festival official selection 2017 - the Boston Globe
Of Cops and Kids (in development)
Kansas City, MO has had the fifth highest murder rate in America since 2018. Of Cops and Kids investigates the divide and clash between police and communities of color by following a group of North Side teens of color and also a group of police officers who patrol their neighborhood. Eventually they will enter a training to discover whether their mutual biases and distrust can be overcome
Together - 6 Feet Apart
During the COVID-- 19 epidemic, and its team of social justice artists (dancers, poets, choreographers and filmmakers) created Together --  6 Feet Apart, an award-winning  24-minute film, made to bring understanding to the deeper issues of racism and to start online, facilitated discussions and conversations. The presentations and facilitated discussions have been implemented widely at schools and with corporate boards, civic organizations and faith groups.
Award of Excellence - IndieX film festSilver Award - Independent Shorts Awards, LA Nov 20202020 Humanitarian Award - Honorable Mention - Best short competition
Invisible Imprints
This feature length documentary follows twelve Boston-based poets and dancers as they travel from Jackson, MS up the Great Migration Trail to Chicago, performing an original piece called Invisible: Imprints of Racism. At each showing they facilitate talkbacks with audiences, exploring and confronting issues of race. As these dramatic experiences unfold on the tour, the film captures the performers’ own struggles with identity and race, shedding light on the deeper truths of racial divisions from diverse perspectives. Invisible Imprints premiered in early 2022, is being marketed and distributed in Europe and North America by IndiePix Films and is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.
Lenox Street Project (in development)
In 2014 a group of 19 teens from Boston's most violent neighborhood with 39 serious school infractions participated in intensive performing arts workshop. At the end of the summer and into the fall they performed a piece they created for audiences across Boston. The following year there were no school infractions and grades universally went up. We filmed the process, creating a documentary called Lenox Street. Eight years later, we are reaching out to the participants, now in their mid-twenties, to find out how that seminal summer has shaped their lives.
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