“This 3-hour workshop allowed me to understand how I could personally become a better advocate for change.”
A.J., Wellesley, MA
“Racism is hard to discuss. I was able to talk about things that I had never dared ask or discuss before.”
N.D., Haverhill, MA
“Kat Everett is a wonderful facilitator who freed us to speak openly and be heard."
C.M., Sudbury, MA
An online antiracism workshop for all–White, Black or Brown—who want to take a next personal step to counter racism without guilt, shame or fear.
APPROACH: Perspective-taking is about connecting and reflecting in a way that shifts our perception both personally and collectively. It changes the way we think about ourselves and the world. This transformative workshop is a safe space that allows participants to re-claim, recreate and rewrite the narratives that exist about racism through facilitated dialogues. Open expression, imagination, emotion and humor are nurtured and explored in ways that are motivating, transformative and powerful. It is a space of belonging where participants are able to create action steps to move forward without guilt, shame or fear.
PRICE: $125
WHAT: Facilitated dialogues by Kat Everett to help people explore, understand, and express thoughts and feelings and confront the racism intertwined in their lives.
WHY: Racism, socio-economic inequities, police violence, the school to prison pipeline are examples of how our society and culture collectively expresses our racism. Societal racism is built upon intentional and unintentional community and personal interactions. This workshop provides a safe space to reflect and explore these challenging issues of racism and what each participant can do to make a difference.
HOW: A 3-hour facilitated workshop including showing’s award-winning film “Together 6 Feet Apart,” created to prompt deeper discussions about racial inequities.
WHEN: Group sessions can be scheduled to accommodate your group of up to 30 participants. Scheduled sessions are available for individuals to join by checking out our events calendar.
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facilitated by Kat Everett, M.Ed
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